Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does Hubby Cook? For this 1 day only, YES!

So, when my husband asked what I wanted for my 30th birthday this year, I of course, like I do every year, said "Oh, nothing dear". But, I had given it some thought and decided it would be pretty jaw dropping if he made me dinner for my birthday. Nice concept, right? Now, keep in mind the hubby DOES NOT COOK. Doesn't like to. Doesn't want to. And, that's A-OK in my book. I don't want him in my kitchen anyway. So, I thought I'd give him a challenge. My only stipulation was NO Hamburger Helper or any other sort of "quickly meal", but more so something that actually took some thought, skill, and careful attentive nurturing! He, like the great husband he is said, "OK".



He had a little over 3 weeks to decide what he wanted to cook for my birthday. This past week it hit him that he was actually going to have to go to start thinking what it was that he was going to cook. He pondered it over, on his own mind you, and voila! He had it. He told me of course, because I begged and pleaded. *hehe* He called me at work yesterday afternoon to inform me that he was going to the *gasp* grocery store to buy what he needed. I asked him to wait until I got home so that I could go with him, but he wouldn't have it! I was really just trying to help him, knowing damn well that he was NOT going to know how to navigate through the store on his own... but said "Go for it". He did. Well, me being me, on the way home I thought it would be so funny if I could find him in the store and scare the *bleep* out of him... so I kept straight on the local roads to the store instead of our home. I just couldn't resist! I get to the store to find his car in the parking lot, exactly where I knew it would be and ventured into the store. I immediately see him in the produce section, but he doesn't see me... yet! I crept up behind him and... well, let's just say, to let him know I was there. He said, "What, you didn't trust I'd be OK on my own!?" (with a laugh) Of course I did hunny! *hehe* Well, wouldn't you know he couldn't find the breading he wanted for the meal! Told ya! So, I helped him finish up and we left. (he didn't let me peek into the hand cart though)

He woke up this morning knowing he had a task in front of him, and started "prepping" the meal early. I told him I'd be home around 5:30PM. Man, was I getting excited! All day long at work I couldn't help but think he was going to either make a HUGE mess or worse, ugh.. burn the kitchen down?

This adequately demonstrates the thoughts in my head today!

Well, besides a little mess with the Hollandaise sauce he made out OK, so he said. (the kitchen was clean when I got home from work. Phew!


    * Chicken Cordon Bleu w/ Homemade Hollandaise Sauce
    * Herb Roasted New Potatoes
    * Cranberry & Pear Salad w/ Greek dressing
    * Pinot Grigio for my personal alchi needs

Now, can Real Men Cook?

When I got home and saw that A. the kitchen was still fully intact and B. the kitchen was really not that messy, I was somewhat relieved and proceeded with watching my husband from a safe distance finish the final preparations to his masterpiece. (In awe)

My "Sous Chef" in the making checking out his handy work:

I really had no doubts! *bwahhahahaha*

Look at how PROUD he looks! You go, baby!


Cranberry Pear Salad - My FAV!

The Hubby has done well, phenomenal in fact!

The meal was SO GOOD in fact, our Munchkin Cat, Nugget wanted some!

Just when I thought the dinner celebration couldn't get ANY better, the Hubby does the dishes! Yes, ladies and gentlemen.. the man is doing dishes. Call the press! I just HAD to get a picture for proof later!

What a night! My Hubby must have thought the same thing... because about 15 minutes after dinner, this is where I found him!

Let's just say I let him be. I didn't have the heart to wake him. He even said, "I've been cooking ALL day, I'm pooped!"

Now Hubby knows what women everywhere do EVERY day! But, I love you dearly and could NOT have asked for a better birthday or a better meal! You are truly my purpose in life and I admire you so much for everything you do and stand for!

"Life's not measured by the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away"  ~ THIS took my breath away.

Thank you Hubby.


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