Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robsessed DVD is a RIP OFF – Do NOT Support!

So, in yet another way to exploit the man that IS Robert Pattinson, the shady, underhanded, low down dirty group, Revolver Entertainment, is marketing an UNAUTHORIZED DVD about the actor's life. Puuleaze!

I, for one am NOT BUYING IT! I hope you don't either. This is a complete SHAM, and again, I find it downright disgusting the lengths the "Entertainment"  industry will take to make a buck.

Not to mention that the website behind this shitty DVD has STOLEN content from an established, respected blog. (Might I say WORD FOR FRICKIN WORD) I will not name names to NOT bring this more attention. By now, you know who stole the content and who they stole it from.


Rob Pattinson will most certainly not get a dime for this material; why should this 'entertainment' company profit from exploiting him?

And, think about it... most of the material used in this *cough* shitty DVD you've probably already seen!

Bottom Line:

   1. Do NOT exploit Robert Pattinson
   2. Do NOT buy this DVD
   3. Respect the work and effort of your fellow bloggers

This brings me to think of a recent article I wrote titled, "What Happened?"

What the *bleep* happened to our moral compass? When did it become OK to lie, cheat, and steal?

That is all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Happened?

What happened?
Why are we bitter, why are we sour?
What happened?

When did the world become so consumed by hate?
When did people stop caring?
When did you start only looking out for # 1?

I ask myself these questions just about ten times every day…

I find that I’m more observant of the situations around me, and it shocks me that I’m usually not happy with what I see and hear.

When I’m waiting at a stop light and I don’t slam it when the light turns… HONK! Why?

People don’t hold the door for you anymore
If YOU don’t hold the door for someone, you get the evil snicker…why?

People are in such a hurry that they get on the elevator and immediately press the door close button, just so they don’t have to wait for the poor gal walking in slowly behind them…why?

When did opinions become fact?
The definition of ‘opinion’: “personal view ~ the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment”
Why do friendly debates over one’s opinion turn so vicious that it becomes a reason to ostracize someone?

The term “people watching” has taken on a whole meaning.

People look for reasons to bitch, gripe, and moan… for no good reasons other than to hear themselves. Or so it seems.

It seems our freedom of speech is/has been challenged. One's thoughts, pure and simple, should never be censored, regardless of whether or not you agree. Unless the thoughts are hate inspired or speak of malicious intent, you should never disallow someone from sharing their views. If we stopped allowing our creative thinkers to speak for themselves, where do you think we would be in 5 years? 10? 20? Think about it. This world was not founded on only one persons’ thoughts and/or ideas.

People are too quick to call each other names
People are too slow to say “Thank you”.
You should never have to be reminded to say “please”.
People are their own worst enemy

When did it become OK to disrespect someone for no good reason?
There is never a good reason.

We are our own battleground

Self-confidence is not the definition of cocky
Cocky is not the definition of self-confidence

When did people become afraid to speak up for themselves?
Speaking up is a way to be heard
Not being heard is a way to shut you out
No one should be shut out

Whether you are religious are not, what happened to honoring these sacred values:

The last 5 of the 10 Commandments:

6. Do not murder
7. Do not commit adultery
8. Do not steal
9. Do not lie
10. Do not covet

Did we ever, really? Think about it.

When did we become so absorbed by hate?
When did we become so spiteful to others?
This world owes us nothing and everything at the same
Don’t abuse it

Tragedy strikes somewhere all the time
Why does it take a tragedy to bring our fellow neighbors together?
Want for not what you need but for what is good and decent
Why should it have to be reminded what is good and decent?

Do unto others?
Treat others as you would want to be treated?
Are these not values we live by anymore?
Think about it

Why do people constantly want to be better than someone else?
We are not better, nor should we be…just different.
We better ourselves for us, not others

People need to slow down
People need to breathe
People need to stop and think about what they are saying
People should relax
People should be themselves without worry
People should smile more
People should frown less

No worries
No regrets
There are no challenges you can’t overcome
It’s a short life, live it well

Think about it.

P.S. I am not writing this about anyone or anything in particular. This was written to give everyone a swift kick-in-the-ass. I felt the need to write something thought provoking - something that might enable you to ask yourself, “What happened?” Think about what you can do to change the world around you, for the better. I am not a self-help guru, nor am I capable of ‘changing the world’. I simply think all of us can do better.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to "Stick it to the Man!" Paparazzi, Take 2

OK, so everyone has seen the now infamous picture of Rob & Kristen in the elevator of their hotel, right?And, not to mention the tasteless video of the two of them entering their hotel, aka their "home away from home" while filming Eclipse? You will NOT find them posted on here at all. I will NOT even link as to where you can find them. You're a smart cookie... if you're that interesting in seeing people being treated like cattle I'm sure you can figure it out.

Now, you may notice how I didn't say "Robsten"? I don't, and won't, use these words on them or anyone else for that matter. It's like 'Brangelina' or 'TomKat'... it's a little creepy if you ask me. Their names are Robert & Kristen. And, saying "'Robsten" means you think Rob & Kristen are in fact together (a couple) Me? I don't really care and it's none of my business. If they are together, that's  flippin fantastic. If not, oh well... there goes a great looking couple. So, moving on...

I find it utterly disgusting the lengths paparazzi take to follow, stalk, snap, yell, lurk, and all the other sleazy, mindless, god-awful things paps do these days. But, this is nothing new. The paparazzi has been the bottom feeders of our society for a LONG time. Too long. The main problem is that WE ALL FEED THEM! We buy the magazines, we look at the websites, we look, we look, and we look some more. Why you ask?

Ever hear of "Curiosity Killed the Cat"? Well, there's a reason for it.

We are ALL curious of what isn't good for us.

When you're driving down the road and see a car accident, don't you sloooow down to take a peek? Just a little peek?

YES, you do.

Point made.

Curiosity is in part what fuels the paparazzi. They would NOT be doing what they do if there wasn't an audience for it. How would they get paid? People get what people want, and what people want is "dirt", "smut", and the latest "gossip" to talk about with their co-workers the next day. It's a dirty fact of life.

I stopped buying tabloid magazines a LONG time ago.  Figured this was my own way to "Stick It To The Man".

For those who know me, or follow me on Twitter... Yes, I ADORE Rob Pattinson. (*squee*) However, you will never find me posting a paparazzi video, or RT'ing one. That would say I support it, and I clearly DO NOT.  Others can do, or say, whatever they please and that's their prerogative. My adoration for Rob Pattinson will remain pap-free with no special interest for anything other than professional photo shoots, press events, red carpet events, etc. Celebrities are NOT meant to be photographed when they don't expect it; you wouldn't like it, why should they?

Think about it... you get out of the shower, wrap your wet hair in a towel, put on your robe,  and feel the urge to smoke your morning cigarette with your cup of coffee on your patio and..... CLICK, CLICK, CLICK! The paps got you.

Wouldn't this PISS YOU OFF?

Here's my bottom line on #Paparazzisucks...

    * I DON'T agree that paparazzi should be allowed to get within "cheek distance" with ANY celebrity. That's a complete intrusion of personal space.
    * I DON'T agree that paparazzi should be allowed to follow ANY celebrity ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and for ANY REASON.
    * I DON'T agree that celebs should feel that this is "What they signed up for"
    * I DON'T agree that regular Joe Schmo's should feel that this is "What they signed up for"
    * I DON'T think the paparazzi will go away anytime soon, unfortunately

If you think about it, the paparazzi industry is probably not affected at all by the weakened economy... they have what's called "JOB SECURITY". Sad, but true.

Think about this the next time you're in the checkout line at the grocery store looking at the tabloid magazines.

Should you or shouldn't you buy?

Time to move on...