Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And let there be LIGHT!

Honestly I was not planning to decorate my house this year as my husband and I are planning to drive to Georgia to visit family. So, we didn't see the point. However,  after seeing other homes on our street with lights and decorations going up, I just couldn't be the "odd house" out.  So what do I do? Decorate, of course!

This past Sunday after doing routine chores I abruptly decided to head outside to start catching up with my neighbors. I didn't but anything new. That may come later. I organized what I had and untangled the lights (that was a task!). I was ready to go.

I had wrapped the mailbox and the tree near the sidewalk before my husband even realized what I was doing. I had somehow convinced him to string lights over the awning to the garage. That was a HUGE plus as he hates decorating. Yes, he's a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to this sort of thing. No worries. I LOVE it enough for the both of us. After about 3 hours everything was done.

I waited a couple more hours until nightfall to flip the switch, and voila!

For something that came together as quickly as it did, I'm quite pleased! Hey, it's not the 23,000 lights my brother has, but  it's something!Maybe I'll try to show him up when I too have a home on almost an acre, but until then my measly 2,000 lights on my .17 acres will do me just fine!

Happy Holidays!


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