Saturday, December 26, 2009

Avatar - Simply Breathtaking!


I saw Avatar both times in IMAX 3D, once on Sunday during opening weekend, and the 2nd time on Christmas day. My husband and I both were absolutely blown away. There has NEVER been another movie that has wowed us the way this movie did. Avatar was beautifully brilliant. The story was majestic. The overall message was worthy of a kick-in-the-ass to most. The acting was spot on. The effects were out of this world. I know this was a vision of James Cameron's for quite some time, even before his mark on Titanic, and I am very pleased he waited; that we all waited. The best things in life are worth waiting for. James Cameron made a winner with Avatar, and I hope others will truly grasp and fully appreciate what the message and story is all about. Yes, the movie is long. However, I honestly believe that there wasn't a single part in the movie worth trimming out. It was art, and you don't trim art. I cannot wait to see it again (ONLY IN IMAX 3D!). Avatar, to me, was fantastically captivating.



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