Thursday, December 17, 2009

Such is life...

Yesterday I had a date with the county courthouse to take care of flush money away  a speeding ticket that I received a couple of months ago. This was my first speeding ticket in several years, so don't go getting all medieval on me. I left work around 10:30ish thinking this would be a good time to get in and get out. My office is only about 10 minutes away from downtown Raleigh so I took this as my "lunch." Joy.

I get to the downtown area and circle around the courthouse probably about 10 times. I FINALLY find a parking space. I gingerly walk into the courthouse having optimistic thoughts that I won't get slammed by the judge and worse, have my insurance rates increase. Up until this point my driving record was perfect and my insurance premiums reflected that!

I make my way through the metal detectors, after about a 5 minute delay due to a clueless man having to empty the  pocketfulls of change he didn't know he had.  Wow. I finally find the first floor deposition courtroom. I wait to check-in. I get told to wait in another line for the DA. I wait. I wait some more. Finally, it's my turn. I probably was only waiting for 10 minutes or so to talk with the DA for what then seemed to be mere seconds. He said "You got a speeding ticket?" "Yes", I replied. "But, it's my first; I have a perfect driving record."  He asks, "Will you be taking care of this today?" I said, "Yes."  He said, "I'll reduce it so it doesn't affect your record. You'll just have to pay court fees." I happily said, "Thank you VERY much!" He walks me over to the cashier counter. I didn't even have to see the judge. Awesome. I went to the nearby ATM machine after realizing that the cashier counter doesn't take any sort of current payment methods (debit/ATM card, credit card, check, etc.). CASH ONLY. I came back with my $140 to pay my "dues". Yes, I know. It's STEEP! More like highway robbery. Wait.... this money is supposed to go towards the highways. So why do our roads look like a meteor shower hit them years ago and still look like they're in a space fight? Oh well. All in government work.

I left the courthouse poorer than when I went in, yet thankful I didn't have to pay a fine or worse, have my driving record tainted. I walked out with my head held half-high.

I get to my car and for some reason I get a funny feeling. Not sure what kind of feeling, but a funny feeling nonetheless. I open my driver side door and get in. Still had a funny feeling. I notice out of the corner of my right eye.... a damn ticket stashed under my right windshield wiper! I'll be damned. THAT was my funny feeling. The first thing I did was laugh. Second was yelling out loud, "What the f**k?!"

I get out of the car to retrieve the damned ticket. It says "Parking Violation" and my citation was for parking in a NO PARKING ZONE. Again, "What the f**K?!" I looked around the space I was (still) in and noticed (to me) that it was a valid parking spot, BUT I wasn't parking IN enough. Meaning... my rear tires were over the borders for that particular space. The "ass" to my car was too close to the intersection. Again, "What the f**k?!" Oh well...

I get in my car and leave with my head held DOWN. Well, high enough to drive, but you get the idea.

How does someone go to the courthouse to take care of one ticket manage to accumulate a NEW ticket?! I mean, seriously! Only me I guess. This reminds me of something that happened to me shortly after I turned 16...

During a random day out joy riding, I was pulled over TWICE on the SAME day by the SAME cop on the SAME road. Truth. Once was for failure to properly use signals. The other was for, well... speeding. I never thought something similar would EVER happen to me again. Trouble follows me I guess.

Here's the happy reminder of my experience in downtown Raleigh this week. I think I'll take public transportation next time. Just saying.


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