Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thankgiving & Black Friday Shopping (Dangerous!)

I remember back in September thinking, "Oh, my...Thanksgiving is just right around the corner!" And, sure enough it came up QUICK! The hubs and I were preparing for our trip when it donned on us that we had forgotten about asking hubs Dad to stay over our house to pet sit/house sit while we were gone (he's graciously done this for us fairy often). Well, after talking it over with my husband it was realized that we've asked his Dad too much this past year in helping us with the dogs, and better yet... my husband hadn't spent a Thanksgiving with his Dad in a few years. So, we both decided that it would be best to have him stay here and enjoy Thanksgiving with him. I was still planning on going to VA, as I already had plans with my sister in law (more on THAT later!).  This was a good thing. I'd of course miss him, but I knew this was the right thing to do, and his Dad was pretty excited to have a "Guys Day."

I didn't want to totally drive alone, so I brought my lab, Murphy. He's a great riding companion.However, this is what he did for most of the drive. Party pooper!

After work on Wednesday, November 25th I set out for VA. It was a pleasant drive. Got there in NO time flat. 2.5 hours I think. I walked in to my brothers house and the first thing my sister in law said was, "You're here already?" Funny.

The usual course of action the night before Thanksgiving is to make preparations for the next day. We did. There really wasn't that much to do. So I relaxed. It had been a long day.

I woke up pretty early on Thanksgiving morning excited about getting to work! Leslie (my SIL) and I got everything together and we were all ready to eat by around 3p.m. Right on schedule! My Dad, Grandma, Sister, her boyfriend, Niece Madison, Brother, my SIL, Nephew Gage, Aunt Robin, and Cousin Jeremy were all there. I love family. And you don't get more of a "Family" holiday than Thanksgiving. We had a spread!

    The Turkey chef was proud. As he should be! It was awesome!

    Our spread!

The rest of the day was spent having a blast...

    Guess she liked the food! Yes! (My sis, Brit)

Niece & Nephew

Never too old to play on the swings!
My brother and his wife, Leslie

    My little buddy!

   Gage & Murphy wrestling

Now onto getting close to the "bodily harm" part...

Leslie and I have a tradition of going out at the butt crack of NIGHT to shop the "Black Friday" deals. No, we don't camp out in front of stores like some crazies, but we're there at the opening hour of whatever store has the most of what we may want to RUSH to buy. This is how we plan...

My brother scouring the deals for us

We had a mission of trying to score a Nintendo DS Lite from Walmart where it was selling for only $99. They're normally over $150, so this was a deal. We knew we had to get this FIRST. It was for my niece so we wanted to ensure she had it under the tree. We were at Walmart right at 5 a.m. (when the deals started) We swiftly walked back to the electronics department to look for it. We made our way through the maze of people who were already in the line that was wrapped all the way through the entire store! We looked around trying to find it but there were carts everywhere so it was pretty hard. We asked an employee where they were, she said behind the counter. We asked the lady behind the counter, she said they were in a special case. We went to the special case. There was an employee "manning" the case. We asked for a Nintendo DS Lite. He said he had one left. SCORE! Not so fast... The employee asked, "Who was next, who wants it?" There was NO ONE else around who spoke up, so Leslie said, "I'd like it." As SOON as the employee handed it to Leslie, the lady standing to the left of her put her hands out motioning to grab it right from her! It was proceeded by the lady saying, "It's mine, let go". Well mind you, NO ONE had spoke up and this lady had been mute as a mouse, so we acted. It started to get, well... ugly. Leslie hadn't let go yet. It was hers. The lady kept trying to snatch it from her. Meanwhile the employee is standing there in silence, doing nothing. It went back and forth for a couple more seconds, and I tried to intervene by telling her to back the hell off, it wasn't hers... nothing. She still had a death grip on the damn thing. She started to get all bug eyed on Leslie, so Leslie let go. I proceeded with a little bit of calculated name calling in the heat of the moment. But, it didn't help. We lost. Well, for the moment.

We walked away feeling slightly defeated. I started walking around the maze of carts thinking I might be able to find one sitting around that someone had buyers remorse over... but found nothing. We walked over near the counter and noticed that there was not one, not two, but THREE Nintendo DS Lites behind the counter! WHAT!? We asked the lady for one and she said that they were on HOLD for someone?! YOU CAN'T HOLD THINGS ON A DAY LIKE THIS! Right? Well, we walked away feeling defeated yet again. After speaking with two different managers we were FINALLY able to get our hands on one for my niece. After it was placed in MY hands. I was NOT about to lose it. I was wearing an oversized hoodie so I placed it in the front pocket to "hide it". I dared someone to tell me I was trying to steal it. We continued to shop the rest of Walmart, with Nintendo in tow. As Borat would say, "Much Success!"

After Walmart, Leslie and I spent the next 6 hours shopping our little asses off. We had a blast.

We got home almost 7 hours after we had left, and now the boys (my brother and nephew) wanted to go shopping. So, we went out AGAIN! My feet were on fire. But I was in the zone. I proceeded with a smile.

  "You looking at me looking at you?"

He loves him some Aunt April!

Gage being Gage - in Sears


Like Father like Son!

What a Thanksgiving! And what an incredibly eventful "Black Friday!" But... Friday night was NOT over! I still had something else to do! Something I had waited for, for longer than anyone else on the planet! Something that almost drove me completely insanely mad. Mad as in crazified! More on THIS in the next post...


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