Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Aweome Dogs

I am truly a very proud owner of 4 furry kids. 3 of them are making their "debut" tonight. I hope you enjoy these quick little videos that show just how awesome they are!

My Chocolate Lab, Murphy, has the patience of a monk. My husband and I have trained him to be patient with his treats and not devour them until we say the magic word, "OK". He's a little over 3 years old now and has been doing this since he was a puppy. We thought this was maybe just a docile lab thing, but the same "trick" is carried out by our Pit Bull, Harley, and our Pug, Tucker.

With a little time, commitment, and patience, ANY dog can be patient & obedient!

(Note: I tell my hubs "please don't" because he was attempting to moon the camera! lol) :)

Our three dogs, (from l to r) Murphy, Tucker, and Harley have all been trained to have patience and discipline when it comes to getting treats. It's our belief that you don't just give a treat to your dog for nothing. You make them do something for it. In this video you will all three dogs in a down position (Harley gets up and immediately goes back down) and then a treat is placed directly in front of them. They intently look up at whoever is asking for their attention. They are not supposed to touch the treat or paw at it. They wait until they hear the magic word, "OK". Obedient dogs are happy dogs!

(Once again, Note: I tell my hubs "not cool" because he was attempting to moon the camera! lol) :)

*These were both taken using the iPhone app, 'ivideocamera', thus the slight delay*

UPDATE: the ivideocamera app is ALOT better now than it was a year ago!


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