Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Does It Matter?

I can't help but wonder why certain things matter.

I see topics on news programs that, to me, don't seem very newsworthy. But this is nothing new. Unfortunately.

I find myself asking, "Who cares?"

    * A female celebrity has been recently photographed showing signs of cellulite. OK, who cares? Honestly, what woman doesn't have cellulite? When this particular celeb was slightly slimmer it was then that she was considered "too skinny." She was accused of being on drugs and/or having an eating disorder. Who holds the "whats perfect card?" No one. No one should look a certain way to fit what others think they should look like. No one. And we wonder why young girls beat themselves up trying to look like what society deems socially acceptable. It's not right and it needs to change.

    * A certain golfer seems to have alleged infidelity problems. This is a shame, but is it our problem? No. It's theirs. I think this is a matter for him and his wife to sort out. In private. Without scrutiny. Will that happen? N-O. Why? Well, too many people want the dirt. It's a shame. It's not MY news and I could care less.

    * I was perplexed to see an ex-reality star featured on the cover of a (what I thought used to be respectable) magazine, instead of the sideline feature, "We're Half Our Size." You take an inspiring story about everyday Johns and Janes and you sideline it to feature someone who is clearly already over-saturated? Why? Why does it matter that she recently underwent a recent makeover? Who cares? Really.

Why does any of this matter?

Why do other peoples problems matter?

Why does everything in the celebrity world seem to overshadow everything else? Furthermore, why are celebrities viewed as a separate species from the rest of us? They're not. They are just like us. Just like us.

Remember, as Ferras so aptly put it, "Hollywood is NOT America."

Scrutiny gets us nowhere.
Judgment only weakens us.

We are ALL different. We're supposed to be.
Be you. Lead. Don't follow. Start a trend.

It's OK.


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