Sunday, February 21, 2010

Teens & Their Cell Phones

You ask the magic question, "What is the one thing you can not live without" to any typical teenager and it's highly likely that their answer will be, "Like, OMG, my cell phone!" And here lies the problem...

The problem isn't the cell phone, and it's not even the hormone raging teenager - It's the troublesome combination of the two.

I think it's fair to say that most everyone these days has a cell phone. Shoot, some even have two or three. We all know that they are an important part of our daily lives, right? Well, when did phones start taking over ones life? This is what I think has happened to the American Teenager. I see it all the time... a teenager walking in the mall with her head down, and it's not because she's sulking that she didn't have enough allowance to buy that awesome shirt in the stores' window... No, she has her head down because she's texting at an alarming speed, concentrating ever so carefully to make sure her words are "spoken" just right to her recipient. You know those nifty little cell phone holders in purses these days? Well, teenagers don't even use them; they hold onto them like they're sacred artifacts. They wouldn't want to miss a call, or OMG!... A text.

What really irks me about all of this is that I'm finding more and more everyday that teenagers are so darn focused on their dear sweet cell phones and are so darn busy texting that they have no idea where they're walking, or better yet... who they're walking into! And you can forget an "Excuse me" out of them... uh uh... you're in their way.

I went to the mall today for some window shopping (Yes, I actually look in the store windows!). Everywhere I looked there was someone on their cell phone talking, someone texting, or just simply playing with it. Now, I'm not saying I don't enjoy tinkering with my iPhone on a frequent basis, but c'mon, why does someone even bother going to the mall if they aren't even planning to look around them, fumble through sale racks, or I don't know... good 'ol fashioned "people watch"? What's even the point? Is that text really that important? Is it necessary to have your phone glued to your ear? I don't think so.

After my window shopping trip was over, I did some "people watching". It was an experiment. I sat on a bench in the mall and just watched. I observed people as they walked by and noted what I saw. Mind you, this was after I was run into by the young, fingers-on-a-mission, texting teenager. What I saw was schools of friends walking together,but not really talking to each other. I saw very young children sitting on the floors in front of the stores their parents must have been in doing what else... Texting. I saw one girl who appeared visibly upset while attentively texting. She was so involved in her texts that she was oblivious as to where she was and ended up walking right into a center kiosk display. Classic.
Another thing about teens and cell phones is the simple fact that they even have them in first place! I'm sorry, but I just don't understand why they would even need them. Emergencies? Puulease! That may have been how it started. You know the question, "But Mom, Dad... I promise I'll only use it if it's an emergency! I swear!" And, parents fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker. I was a teenager once. I remember how it is. Kids want what other kids have. They don't want to be considered "uncool".   But what gets me is, I'm seeing kids as young as 9 & 10 getting phones! What?! I was in Target the other day and saw two kids walking with their mother on the cell phone aisle pointing to the phone they wanted. And, of course... they point to the  one with the qwerty keyboard that can facilitate their gobs of future texts. I saw these kids point, beg, and conquer. They walked out of the store with their new phones and with their heads held high. But this would be temporary - Soon, their heads will cower like all the others. They will soon have very stiff necks. They will very soon not pay attention to their surroundings. They will soon trade in their independence for a small piece of technology that gives them instant gratification towards impersonal conversations .

Teens & Cell Phones... watch your back. You might just get run into.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do Pugs Snore? YES!

I hear it all the time... "Oh, you have a Pug! Don't they snore?" or... "you know those dogs that snore, what are they... Pugs?" YES. Pugs snore. Alot. I tend to think that mine snores more than average and on a higher octave than most. Honestly. 'Tucker Kane Kong' is 12 years YOUNG this year and yes, he's FAT. (29lbs to be exact!) Maybe that's the cause of his roaring snoring? Whatever the reason, I can't help but crack a smile when I hear it. Everytime. Tucker, along with our other two dogs, take turns sleeping with us. Even with the snoring, you get used to it and It'll actually help you sleep.

The sound clips below were taken while he was sleeping very soundly, as seen in the picture above. Priceless.

FYI: You may want to turn your volume UP to really, truly appreciate the deep resonations that come from this adorkable Pug.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

My 'Dear John' Review

You know how they always say "the book was much better?" Well, in most cases I disagree as I am a visual person and crave the actual scenes being brought to life in a movie to really portray a story. Call it me not having much of an imagination. I'm not a big reader either. I don't read that many books/novels to be honest with you. The only books that have ever truly fascinated me enough to keep reading them were the Twilight series (don't judge me) and anything from Nicholas Sparks. So, in this instance, with 'Dear John', I have to say the book was better. In different ways.

I thought the movie was great, if you're reviewing it as a separate entity. I JUST finished reading the book last night so my memory of the actual book and its brilliant romance was very fresh in my mind. Maybe I should've waited a couple of days? Nah... I had every intention of seeing the movie today - I even bought my tickets through Fandango last night just to be sure the theater didn't sell out. This was the first movie I'd ever see alone. It was a little odd being in there without my husband as we typically see movies together, however he was out-of-town and I didn't want to wait until he returned. I already had to wait for one movie last Fall WAY past when I really, really wanted to, so I didn't want to wait for another movie. (See my story on waiting a WEEK for 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon here)

I grabbed some popcorn and Diet Coke and went into the theater. The theater wasn't packed at all - very odd.

I'm not going to spoil anything for those of you that haven't seen the movie yet, or who are still reading the book... but I have to say, I was very disappointed that the movie had so many HUGE differences than that of the book. Now I know that a movie based on a novel/book is always going to be a little different - it has to be in order to grab the audience and to convey cinematic appeal. Reading a book or novel can evoke certain emotions and reactions that may not equal to the movie version, and vice versa. However, in this case, and especially being a movie from one of my only favorite authors, I thought the screenplay was butchered. Simple as that.

Yes, I did read 'Message in a Bottle', 'A Walk to Remember', 'The Notebook', and 'Nights in Rodanthe' and saw ALL of these books on the big screen. ALL of these particular Nicholas Sparks books/movies were done equal justice, in my opinion, of course. I felt the movie from each of these novels were equally as good and as beautiful as the books. I didn't feel the same way about 'Dear John'.

Don't get me wrong, I felt the movie itself was wonderful. Again though, reviewing it as a separate entity. I thought the chemistry between the lead roles, Channing Tatum's "John" and Amanda Seyfried's "Savannah" was spot-on. I felt they really conveyed the romance of their characters quite well. I don't really think that anyone else could have played John & Savannah better. I thought that the acting of "John's" father, Richard Jenkins was absolutely brilliant. The movie itself was beautiful. The scenery was gorgeous. The story was fluid. But, I honestly didn't think it did the book any justice. I felt too many parts were skewed and twisted. There were major differences. Again, I'm not going to spoil it for you or even tell you exactly what I mean.

You want to know what really chapped my a** more than anything about 'Dear John'? I wouldn't really call this a spoiler, as hello.... it's a love story... Not once in the movie did John or Savannah say "I LOVE YOU". Seriously. Never once.

Would I see it? 110% YES. It was a great movie. And, seeing Channing Tatum shirtless isn't half-bad. He is simply divine. Like I said before, their chemistry was captivating. But, do yourself a favor and read the book too, if you haven't already. It's very much worth it and a great read.

On a side note, the soundtrack was outstanding. I really, really loved the mixture and tone to this soundtrack. Here's one song from the soundtrack that is playing over and over and over again on my iPhone: "This Is The Thing" by Fink

Agree with me? Completely disagree? Let me know! Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought. I'd love to hear it!