Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chest Pain = "Costochondritis"

It seems I always have something wrong with me. Seriously. Whether it be a migraine, a sinus infection, food poisoning, or who knows what else, It seems to be a never-ending battle. And people think I make this stuff up! Not hardly.

I started having pretty bad chest pains about a week ago. The pain was getting so "reliable" that I felt (and so did my hubby) I needed to see a Dr. I didn't automatically think, "Oh my gah, I'm having a heart attack!", but in all seriousness the pain was NOT subsiding and was in fact getting worse. I knew it was not stress related - I've had heart palpitations before due to stress and THIS was not THAT. So, to the Dr. I went... fortunately for me, they had an opening same day!

After a few questions and a quick exam it was pretty clear to my Dr. that I had 'costochondritis". When she said it, the first thing I said was, "Say huh?"a. :) I'm taking a nursing class and I hadn't heard of this (yet), so as far as I knew she was telling me I was really having a heart attack!! But, she then explained what it was. Costochondritis is inflammation of the cartilage/ligaments in-between your ribs. It's usually caused by straining your chest walls by excessive coughing (which I haven't had) or excessive sneezing (which I have - DAMN ALLERGIES!). It can also be caused by a blow to the chest via a sports injury, which to the best of my knowledge I haven't been "injured". I wonder If my husband has been beating me up in my sleep? Hmmm... ;) There isn't much that can be done for this awful, atrocious pain other than rest, no lifting, no excessive laughing, avoiding yawns, keep breathing under control, etc. So basically, be a lazy slug with no sense of humor. Perfect. Honestly though, the more I talk and laugh, the more it hurts. Bad. Once it starts to hurt it's hard to get it stop hurting. It should go away on its own after a couple of weeks. Good grief I hope so!

I'm no baby, but this is a pain I wouldn't wish on anyone. My Dr. said a lot of people really think they're having a heart attack when they have costochondritis.

At least I get to have my hubby wait on me hand & foot! Nah, I wouldn't take advantage of him that way... or would I? ;)

Have you ever had costochondritis? Did it go away with rest? Tell me your story and help ME get through this!


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