Friday, April 2, 2010

What I've Realized

We've made it to the beach. We actually got here around 12pm today. They didn't have our room ready just yet - were we going to let it ruin our trip? No. We sat by the oceanfront bar and had a few drinks, took some pictures, talked with other patrons, etc. We had a great time. We then "checked in". The room couldn't have been any better - it was perfect. Oceanfront. Simply said. I've never stayed in an oceanfront room before. 


This is exactly what we needed.

We needed to get away.

We needed to escape reality, even for just a bit.

We needed to just be us.

We are. Now.

This place is beautiful. It's directly on the ocean. I can hear the swells. I'm sitting on the balcony, feeling emotions I've never felt before - feelings of gratitude for what I have, appreciating what I've been given, and feeling truly grateful for the world around me.

This is what I needed.

This is what WE needed.


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