Sunday, May 16, 2010

My New Haircut!

It's not unusual for me to wake up on a Saturday morning and spontaneously say, "I think I'll get my hair cut today", meanwhile calling my trusty stylist to see if he's available. Well, today I did, and he was. Score one for me!

For those who know me well, you know that I had been letting me hair grow. I've never really had long hair, so for the last while I had let it grow pretty darn long... for me anyway. But, as I tend to always do, I couldn't stick with it. It was getting on my nerves and getting unmanageable. I must have really low patience. ;) Bye bye long hair.... I don't think I'll miss you.

I honestly didn't have a "plan" for what kind of cut or style I wanted - I knew to trust my stylist. I have been going to him for over 3 years. He's awesome! He's the one and only stylist I've ever gone back to for repeat business. I knew he'd more than likely cut in short similar to what I've had in the past. Short & Sassy!!! I do think this is as short as I've ever been, but I love it!

PICS after the Jump!

Here's the AFTER!!!

It'll definitely take some getting used to! I got used to fiddling with my hair and now I have nothing to fiddle with! And, just when you thought I was done... I have something else in mind for my hair. Before the weekend is over, I will color it. It will be lighter. Hopefully, three (3) shades lighter.

Loreal, please don't fail me!

I will post pics tomorrow of me with lighter hair, that is unless I completely ruin my hair... OH GAH! Let's not think about that! :)

p.s. I didn't have enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. Bummer. But it was like 6" cut off!


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