Saturday, July 31, 2010

New to Blogger, and me likey!

I did it. I took the leap of faith - I relocated my blog from Wordpress to Blogger. After ensuring my domain name, switched over safely, I can now celebrate! 
 I decided to make the switch mostly for creative reasons. I LOVED some of the things you can do with Blogger, that you can't with, mainly the use of Javascript, which WP didn't allow. There are SO many really cool widgets, add-ons, etc. that I liked but couldn't use, for example... 

You see that really awesome floating bar at the bottom of your screen? That's my Wibiya bar - it's truly like the best thing EVER! Why? Well, it does everything! It can link you to my YouTube videos, pictures on Flickr, my Twitter page, etc. ALSO, it allows my readers to be able to easily share the topics they're interested in on other social media sites. How cool is that? Try it! Click on the 'Photos' tab and scroll through... isn't it awesome? It kind of reminds me of the screen they used in the movie, "Minority Report"! :) 

This is just one of the examples that I found worth it to switch for. Plus, the template control was a biggie for me. I've become quite good at CSS & HTML editing, and there's only but so much you can actually do on 
So, it might take me a bit to copy/paste (Sadly, there isn't an easy import feature) all the "must" posts from Wordpress, but enjoy in the meantime! I plan to update it as much as I can - I hope you ALL enjoy it as much as I do! 

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can I start this week OVER?

*WARNING* This may NOT be the normal happy-go-lucky post I normally would write... quite the opposite actually. I'm cranky, irritated, anxious, and mad... read more if you dare. Otherwise, click through other happy posts of mine like this one, or this one, or maybe this one.

OK... So yesterday I woke up especially happy for a Monday morning. Why? Why not? I had a great weekend, I had great sleep on Sunday night, and on top of just generally being a happy person anyway, my sister and I were planning our very first trip ever together to NYC. This would have been our first time in the Big Apple, and we were over the moon excited about it. We were going over the Labor Day weekend. Things were great. I even posted this on my Facebook page:

For a Monday, I was ready to take on anything! But not this...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW Pic Collage!

I just made this nifty little pic collage for my Twitter page - you like? Try out, it's awesome! I just paid for the upgrade, but even the free version is pretty sweet! You can do ALOT of photo editing online and turn your pictures into your own creative creation!

Have fun editing your photos!

Finally... I'm a C.N.A!

After almost 5 long months, I am finally finished my C.N.A. (Certified Nursing Assistant) course! It was not an easy course, and at times I felt defeated. I signed up for the course after being inspired by my husband's recent career path taking him into the medical field. *Thank you shitty economy! ;)* After he chose to go through the motions of (eventually) becoming a licensed paramedic, It made me wonder what our local community college offered in the nursing field. I had always dreamed of being a nurse when I was a child, but it wasn't something I was firm about, so it didn't happen. Well, why not do something in the nursing world that you don't have to be a R.N. And, there it was. A Certified Nursing Assistant is a highly regarded position in the medical world, and they are in short supply. You see, CNA's don't get paid the big bucks. Not even close. BUT, 95% of the time they have more interaction with the patients than even their own doctors and nurses. That I liked. Yes, CNA's do alot of grunt work, and that's OK with me. Why? Well, I have compassion. I want to help people. 

I do have a wonderful full-time job already. Me becoming a CNA was never intended to replace my current occupation. This is something I plan to do in my spare time, mostly on alternating nights & weekends. One of the local hospitals here (we have many!) has a "Supplemental Causal" schedule where all you have to do is commit to work 36 hours in a 6 week time frame. That is definitely doable. 

The last step is for me take the N.A.C.E exam. This is the national registry for all CNA's. Without passing this I cannot work as a CNA. I'm certified now, but that means nothing if you can't actually use the skill. So, on August 12th I take my exam. It's a written exam (easy!) and a skills test in which I have to actually demonstrate 5 skills at random in front of an examiner. How nerve-racking! I'll have one of my former classmates as my partner. She might even have to be my "patient" in some of the mock scenarios. This makes me feel a little better. I don't doubt that I'll pass, it's just a high pressure feeling of knowing it all rests on this! Deep breath, deep breath... 

During the last day of class, which was a practice "mock competency" for the NACE exam, we received our certificates. I, of course, couldn't help but act like a big cheeseball. You see, I've never received a certificate before. For anything. It was kinda exiting for me, and I took it all in!

I couldn't even wait 24 hours to frame my new certificate! I went out and bought a new frame immediately! And, being that I had a new desk to sit it on, all the more reason to display it, right?!

Wish me luck in finding p/t work after August 12th! I can't wait! I miss the scrubs already!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christina Perri - An Overnight Gem

I'm so in love with this song, "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri. If you're a fan of So You Think You Can Dance you saw  her perform this past week on the Thursday night results show. She was amazing! I think it's truly remarkable that she was an unknown singer working as a waitress at a cafe in Beverly Hills, CA a little more than 2 weeks ago... now after having her song heard by millions during the June 30th performance show in Stacey Tookey's awe-inspiring routine with Billy Bell/Kathryn McCormick, she's an overnight success! Almost overnight, the song catapulted to number 13 on iTunes, number 23 on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart, number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 54 on Canada's single chart, number 10 on Amazon's digital singles chart, and number 2 on Billboard's Heatseekers countdown. It sold over 100,000 copies! Wow. If you listen to the song you might see why this 23 year old is so insanely talented, and truly deserving. SYTYCD has given unknown artists a break in the past, i.e. Roisin Murphy - it's incredible, and it proves once again why I love this show so much.

This, my friends is why you never give up. You never give up on your dreams. Always try your damnedest. You never know when you'll get your lucky break.

All the best Christina!

Check out Christina Perri singing "Jar of Hearts" LIVE  at The Village Studios in Los Angeles, CA on July 1st 2010:

You can check out her official website and buy the single on iTunes HERE

Monday, July 12, 2010

Me + = Besties!

As if I needed another reason to love, now I have yet another reason to make the .com giant be my bestie! I've been wanting a new "ME" desk for quite some time but couldn't find anything that popped out at me enough to actually buy it. Well, today after looking and looking and looking some more online, I finally found one that's perfect!

You see, we have an office but the hubs is always in there, and I'm OK with that. Up until February of this year we only had one computer, the desktop. That quickly grew pretty tiring when all we ever did was fight over "whose turn it was" to use the computer/office. Bad. Not good. Had to do something. Like yesterday. So, I bought me a new laptop PRONTO! Because I'm so clever *wink* I convinced the hubs it wouldn't be that big of a wallet shock as I had planned on selling our old laptop that we weren't using. (It wasn't the best, reliable piece of equipment to use, so we didn't! - BAD memories of losing all data!) And that's exactly what I did. No sooner than I had the new laptop home I had the OLD one for sale on You better believe I had that sucker sold in less than 24 hours! Score! I essentially gained back 1/2 of what I spent for the new one. Hubs didn't complain too much. And I was happy that I had my OWN computer to use - we no longer had reason to gripe over whose turn it was. Another SCORE!

All good things come with something bad, or so it seems.... after having my own computer to use it was quickly realized that I still didn't have my own little spot to use. Remember, hubs is still in the office! And, I'm STILL OK with that! Too stuffy for me - I need warmth! For the past several months I have done bills on the dining room table, blogged on the kitchen island, played games on the couch, etc. For the most part it's been OK, minus the calluses on my elbows from resting them on the island, butt sores from the hard dining room chairs, and extremely poor gaming posture acquired from the couch. Something had to give. I needed an actual piece of furniture that I could use for the laptop that wouldn't offend my current living arrangement and decor, and it had to be a neutral spot for all "my needs." Amazon came through, once again!

BTW: When you're on a budget you can't be that picky, so this is what I found...

Feast your eyes on my new desk!!! I L-O-V-E it! It's so me. We have an extra keyboard I've been wanting to use, and now I can! I can now have all my bill crap in one spot (no more carrying the "this is what you're gonna pay then" organizer up & down the stairs!) And it also has a cool organizer drawer and shelves?! (I will be looking for cute colorful baskets for my shelves, like the pic!) Wow. I'm excited. Yes, ladies & gents... it's the little things that get me going. Even better, THIS particular desk even fits in-between my existing DVD rack in my cozy living room that, wait for it.... IS THE SAME COLOR! What? That's craziness! I thought so too, so I bought it! And all for the low-low price of only $82! NO TAX & FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!! My case of the Mooooondayz just got so much better! Yes, I will taking my picture with my NEW laptop's webcam sitting at my NEW desk by this weekend! Stay tuned!

If you like the desk too, check it out on HERE!


April a.k.a. "The Dork", signing out...

p.s. Think hubs will help me put it together? Umm??? ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long time no blog...

Hey everyone! I just wanted to write a quick note to all of you letting you know I haven't disappeared. I've just been really, really busy.

If you've logged onto my blog lately, you might have noticed the new look! Do you like? I think as I learn more and more about web design, CSS, and HTML, it's gets more and more exciting to play around with. I do have to thank Amanda, from, however -without her amazing tips and creative genius I wouldn't have had the ideas to do all of this in the first place. Thanks, Amanda! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, DO! It's awesome - pretty amazing stuff!

OK, so... with school, work, hubby, furry kids, 4th of July holiday, etc., I've been pulled into too many directions. *GASP* I haven't even been on my obsession Twitter regularly in a long, long time. My Twitter buds can attest to that. But all this will change soon!

I'm almost done with school and that will free up alot of time. For those that didn't know, I've been enrolled in a CNA program (Certified Nursing Assistant) at my local community college. It;s been a 5 month process that I've absolutely enjoyed and I have learned SOOO much! I've spent the last 3 weeks in a hospital doing clinical training, actually assisting with patients! It's been a rewarding, humbling experience. I finish clinicals next week :( and then onto the final, final exam. At that point, granted I pass the national exam, I'll be a certified nursing assistant! I have no plans on leaving my day job, but I do plan on finding part-time work in either a local hospital or even a nursing home, helping spread a few smiles around. I can't wait. And I could use the extra $$! :) Wish me luck on my exam!

Did everyone have a great 4th of July? I did! My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came into town for the holiday we all had a great time. We saw A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fireworks at a local park that had to have at least 20K people there. No joke. Good thing we got there early and "camped out", otherwise we wouldn't have been able to find a spot ANYWHERE! I have a pretty cool video of the entire show, but it's not cooperating with me at the moment. I hope to add it soon!

And, of course I went and saw Twilight Saga: Eclipse over the holiday! Are you kidding me? :) Waiting a few days from June 30th was torture enough! My brother, SIL, and I went to see it in IMAX Saturday, July 3rd @ 9:30PM. Yay! I've seen ALOT of IMAX movies and from my experience with our local theater is that you have to get there at least 30-45 minutes early to get a "decent" spot in line. They only seat you 5 minutes before the movie starts. Well, we get there and NO ONE else is there. WHAT?! According to the box office reps, the movie was only 1/3 sold, for that particular showing. Was Eclipse not faring well in theater, I asked myself? Fear not Twihards, fear not. The reps said that they were sold out UP UNTIL the 9:30 showing. They also said it seemed like everyone had seen it between the Midnight showing on Tuesday and then from Wednesday, June 30th to Saturday afternoon, July 3rd. I guess I planned it right! I didn't want big crowds anyway! I wanted Edward all to myself, on the HUGE IMAX screen! *drool*

So you might be wondering what I thought? Well, I FRICKIN' LOVED IT! The best of the 3 so far in my opinion! David Slade did it right. I'm not going to nitpick at all the details, all I'm going to say is that everything was better. The acting, the cinematography, the mannerisms, the costume department, etc. Everything. I will be seeing it again, and again, and again. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn now. Too bad we ALL have to wait another 1 1/2 years! Gah! But you know, I'll be really sad when the Twilight Saga is over. What will I obsess over? Kidding, I am a grown up after all... maybe soon I'll obsess over a human baby.... it's getting close to that time! Maybe. I dunno.

I promise not to be such a stranger anymore. As I said, I'll have more time to blog again soon, so watch out! :) I would love to hear from you all! How has your summer been? What have you done for fun? Leave me a comment!

Take care!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” Music Video

I LOVE Lady Gaga. I really do. But, I'm just not sure I love her latest music video, "Alejandro". I honestly don't get it. I mean, I see what's going on... but I don't get it? Is she the dude? Is she the girl? *didadee*

What did you think?