Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long time no blog...

Hey everyone! I just wanted to write a quick note to all of you letting you know I haven't disappeared. I've just been really, really busy.

If you've logged onto my blog lately, you might have noticed the new look! Do you like? I think as I learn more and more about web design, CSS, and HTML, it's gets more and more exciting to play around with. I do have to thank Amanda, from, however -without her amazing tips and creative genius I wouldn't have had the ideas to do all of this in the first place. Thanks, Amanda! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, DO! It's awesome - pretty amazing stuff!

OK, so... with school, work, hubby, furry kids, 4th of July holiday, etc., I've been pulled into too many directions. *GASP* I haven't even been on my obsession Twitter regularly in a long, long time. My Twitter buds can attest to that. But all this will change soon!

I'm almost done with school and that will free up alot of time. For those that didn't know, I've been enrolled in a CNA program (Certified Nursing Assistant) at my local community college. It;s been a 5 month process that I've absolutely enjoyed and I have learned SOOO much! I've spent the last 3 weeks in a hospital doing clinical training, actually assisting with patients! It's been a rewarding, humbling experience. I finish clinicals next week :( and then onto the final, final exam. At that point, granted I pass the national exam, I'll be a certified nursing assistant! I have no plans on leaving my day job, but I do plan on finding part-time work in either a local hospital or even a nursing home, helping spread a few smiles around. I can't wait. And I could use the extra $$! :) Wish me luck on my exam!

Did everyone have a great 4th of July? I did! My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came into town for the holiday we all had a great time. We saw A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fireworks at a local park that had to have at least 20K people there. No joke. Good thing we got there early and "camped out", otherwise we wouldn't have been able to find a spot ANYWHERE! I have a pretty cool video of the entire show, but it's not cooperating with me at the moment. I hope to add it soon!

And, of course I went and saw Twilight Saga: Eclipse over the holiday! Are you kidding me? :) Waiting a few days from June 30th was torture enough! My brother, SIL, and I went to see it in IMAX Saturday, July 3rd @ 9:30PM. Yay! I've seen ALOT of IMAX movies and from my experience with our local theater is that you have to get there at least 30-45 minutes early to get a "decent" spot in line. They only seat you 5 minutes before the movie starts. Well, we get there and NO ONE else is there. WHAT?! According to the box office reps, the movie was only 1/3 sold, for that particular showing. Was Eclipse not faring well in theater, I asked myself? Fear not Twihards, fear not. The reps said that they were sold out UP UNTIL the 9:30 showing. They also said it seemed like everyone had seen it between the Midnight showing on Tuesday and then from Wednesday, June 30th to Saturday afternoon, July 3rd. I guess I planned it right! I didn't want big crowds anyway! I wanted Edward all to myself, on the HUGE IMAX screen! *drool*

So you might be wondering what I thought? Well, I FRICKIN' LOVED IT! The best of the 3 so far in my opinion! David Slade did it right. I'm not going to nitpick at all the details, all I'm going to say is that everything was better. The acting, the cinematography, the mannerisms, the costume department, etc. Everything. I will be seeing it again, and again, and again. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn now. Too bad we ALL have to wait another 1 1/2 years! Gah! But you know, I'll be really sad when the Twilight Saga is over. What will I obsess over? Kidding, I am a grown up after all... maybe soon I'll obsess over a human baby.... it's getting close to that time! Maybe. I dunno.

I promise not to be such a stranger anymore. As I said, I'll have more time to blog again soon, so watch out! :) I would love to hear from you all! How has your summer been? What have you done for fun? Leave me a comment!

Take care!


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