Monday, July 12, 2010

Me + = Besties!

As if I needed another reason to love, now I have yet another reason to make the .com giant be my bestie! I've been wanting a new "ME" desk for quite some time but couldn't find anything that popped out at me enough to actually buy it. Well, today after looking and looking and looking some more online, I finally found one that's perfect!

You see, we have an office but the hubs is always in there, and I'm OK with that. Up until February of this year we only had one computer, the desktop. That quickly grew pretty tiring when all we ever did was fight over "whose turn it was" to use the computer/office. Bad. Not good. Had to do something. Like yesterday. So, I bought me a new laptop PRONTO! Because I'm so clever *wink* I convinced the hubs it wouldn't be that big of a wallet shock as I had planned on selling our old laptop that we weren't using. (It wasn't the best, reliable piece of equipment to use, so we didn't! - BAD memories of losing all data!) And that's exactly what I did. No sooner than I had the new laptop home I had the OLD one for sale on You better believe I had that sucker sold in less than 24 hours! Score! I essentially gained back 1/2 of what I spent for the new one. Hubs didn't complain too much. And I was happy that I had my OWN computer to use - we no longer had reason to gripe over whose turn it was. Another SCORE!

All good things come with something bad, or so it seems.... after having my own computer to use it was quickly realized that I still didn't have my own little spot to use. Remember, hubs is still in the office! And, I'm STILL OK with that! Too stuffy for me - I need warmth! For the past several months I have done bills on the dining room table, blogged on the kitchen island, played games on the couch, etc. For the most part it's been OK, minus the calluses on my elbows from resting them on the island, butt sores from the hard dining room chairs, and extremely poor gaming posture acquired from the couch. Something had to give. I needed an actual piece of furniture that I could use for the laptop that wouldn't offend my current living arrangement and decor, and it had to be a neutral spot for all "my needs." Amazon came through, once again!

BTW: When you're on a budget you can't be that picky, so this is what I found...

Feast your eyes on my new desk!!! I L-O-V-E it! It's so me. We have an extra keyboard I've been wanting to use, and now I can! I can now have all my bill crap in one spot (no more carrying the "this is what you're gonna pay then" organizer up & down the stairs!) And it also has a cool organizer drawer and shelves?! (I will be looking for cute colorful baskets for my shelves, like the pic!) Wow. I'm excited. Yes, ladies & gents... it's the little things that get me going. Even better, THIS particular desk even fits in-between my existing DVD rack in my cozy living room that, wait for it.... IS THE SAME COLOR! What? That's craziness! I thought so too, so I bought it! And all for the low-low price of only $82! NO TAX & FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!! My case of the Mooooondayz just got so much better! Yes, I will taking my picture with my NEW laptop's webcam sitting at my NEW desk by this weekend! Stay tuned!

If you like the desk too, check it out on HERE!


April a.k.a. "The Dork", signing out...

p.s. Think hubs will help me put it together? Umm??? ;)


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