Saturday, August 7, 2010

New York, NY... Here I come!

December 15 - 19, 2010
I am stoked, excited, anxious... every happy emotion I could think of. Why?


It doesn't come without upsetting someone I love though. More on that in a bit...

Remember me mentioning a couple weeks ago that I originally had plans on visiting New York with my sister over the Labor Day holiday? Well, a huge car repair bill forced me to back out of our plans. See HERE. I was crushed. My sister was crushed. After spending over $800 on my car, I couldn't justify saving for vacation, or better yet having any reasonable means of getting a few hundred dollars together in a month. So, no go for me. Again, crushed. 

Well, being that I have an absolutely wonderful husband, he made another type of trip to NY happen for me! Hubs works in the same office as me and while talking to a friend/co-worker of ours in the hall about NY in general and me still being sad about not getting to go, something awesome happened. My BFF, Danielle, told my husband I was welcome to join her on an already planned trip to Long Island the week before Christmas. She has a cousin who is getting married on Friday, December 17th and her daughter in all her cuteness is the flower girl. I walked into the conversation apparently right after my husband said, "OMG, YES, please take her! She would love that!" Isn't he the best?! *XOXO* Danielle has family in Long Island and has invited me to go with her on her regular holiday trips several times... I just never took her up on it before! Now, I just went for it. Her parents home is about 40 miles from Manhattan! After spending time with her family and sightseeing the Long Island area, we plan to take a 55 minute train ride on the Long Island Rail Road into PENN STATION on Saturday morning, December 18th! SAAAWEET! Being in NYC the Saturday before Christmas?! I can already see it now... ME. BEING. A. COMPLETE. NUT. JOB. Yay! The decorations? Skating in Rockefeller Plaza? I might not come back. (You have all been warned!)

After going over some of the details today at work, we had it planned! It's only $59 to fly there one-way, and $82 to take the Amtrak train back. I've never been on a real train before! Well, I did do the rail way system into Chicago before... does that count? I dunno... Anywho... so being that It would only cost me $150 in travel costs it just made sense to go. I'm staying with her parents, so there's no hotel fee and we'll be eating at her parents home for the most part. Cheap. Exciting! A chance to see NY! I had to accept her offer. Who am I trying to convince? Well, my sister.

Before I got all crazy excited I knew I had to call my sister and "break the news" to her. I didn't want her to see my Facebook posting before I had the chance to explain. I called her. She was already having a bad day and I guess I made it worse. I'm sorry! I feel bad that we didn't get to do our trip, but I couldn't turn down a great opportunity to go to NY with a great friend of mine. The biggest perk of all of this is it's not costing me hardly anything. Not that I'm taking advantage of that - I'm not at all! But, again, it was too great of an opportunity. I won't be staying in Manhattan with Danielle. We'll only be there for a day. Most of our time will be outside the city. So, I make a promise... 

Brittany - My first time staying in Manhattan... living it up in a fancy schmancy hotel, wining and dining with the best of 'em, and of course, lounge & club hopping, WILL BE WITH YOU AND YOU ONLY. I promise. I only want to experience all of that with you. I promise. Please be happy for me that I at least get to "taste it" in December with a great friend of mine. I have wanted to go to NYC for so long now. Longer than I can even remember.

Well, as happy as I can possibly be at the moment, I bid you a good night.

Let's play a little "Empire State of Mind" w/Jay-Z & Alicia Keys shall we?


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