Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New DWTS Cast, Season 11

It was announced last night who the new Dancing With The Stars cast would be via a press conference on ABC. I was actually watching another show on TV, and for that I'm very thankful, because If I had heard the cast being revealed live, I might have just vomited. Reading it online was a much more easier, more tolerable way to take in such crappy news.

I've been an avid fan of DWTS for damn near all 10 seasons the show has been on, but this is just outrageous! It's Dancing With The STARS, for petes sake! Since when are Bristol Palin & Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stars? Wow. I really think ABC is grabbing for ratings here, which I don't quite understand it because the show has become more and more popular by a-list & b-list STARS! It's really become a who's-who type of show! Until now. I didn't think ABC needed to stoop so low. I know people enjoy the smut that is Jersey Shore, but c'mon already! Haven't we had enough seedy reality TV?! I know I have. I DO enjoy certain reality TV shows like Big Brother, American Idol, & SYTYCD, but I think it's gotten way out of hand. How many Bachelor(ette) shows can they possibly do? But, I digress...

Anywho... the cast of Dancing With The Stars:
fyi: "The Situation" was *ehmm* filming Jersey Shore and couldn't make the photo op.
Not sure where Michael Bolton was?

The Women:
  1. Brandy, Singer
  2. Audrina Partridge, (another) Reality show(s)
  3. Florence Henderson, Actress
  4. Margaret Cho, Comedian
  5. Jennifer Grey, Actress
  6. Bristol Palin, Politicians' Daughter (odd, I know!)
The Men:
  1. David Hasselhoff, Actor
  2. Kurt Warner, NFL player
  3. Kyle Massey, Actor
  4. Michael Bolton, Singer
  5. Rick Fox, NBA player
  6. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Reality Show (ugh!)
I am looking forward to seeing how Jennifer Grey does, though. If I watch it!

What are your thoughts? Will you watch it? Or, will you sulk, moan, and cry like I plan on doing? *wink*


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