Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newly Addicted to TRUE BLOOD!

I feel like I am always late to the party!

For the past couple of years, I have heard how great True Blood is, how everyone is obsessed with it, how hot Eric is, how sexy the show is, etc, but I never watched it for myself. Maybe it was because I never cared to subscribe to HBO, maybe it was because the show started and I never got on board, I dunno... but I have a thing about not getting into a show after it has started, UNLESS I decide to do a "catching-up-on-a-show-a-thon". So, that's exactly what I did!

With the hubby being so incredibly busy lately, and basically having the weekends to myself, I figured why the hell not. Right?

I should tell everyone though that, my sister in law graciously and gleefully offered up her DVD set of True Blood season 1 to me over a year ago and I had it for well, months, but NEVER even opened it. I was sooooo stupid.

Anywho, moving on...

After work this past Friday afternoon I headed to my local Blockbuster store to exchange my Blockbuster Online movies for the first two discs of season one on Bluray. (only way to watch!) I was very, very pleased that they had it in stock. Not because I had any idea what to expect, but more so because I had a plan and I didn't want it to be ruined. I set out on a mission. I brought the DVD's home and started watching. And I watched some more. I started to develop butt sores. ;)

By Saturday afternoon, and two more trips to Blockbuster, I had nearly watched all of season one. I guess you could say that I was more than hooked. I was vested. I was a True Blood whore. I was ready to move onto season two by Sunday morning. I was getting sick and tired and going back and forth to Blockbuster and relying on them to actually have the next disc in the series, so after season two's episode three I placed a call into my local cable company. I had to know if HBO had the HBO OnDemand feature where I could watch it at my pace, and hopefully be ALOT more efficient! My first question to the cable company was, did they even have True Blood season two on HBO OnDemand? Oh by golly was I pleased to hear the answer to that question was, YES! Of course it also included season three, the current season. After hearing they would offer HBO to me for only $7 a month(that's 1/2 off!) for 12 months, I was SOLD! No more trips to Blockbuster for me! (for True Blood anyhow)

The remote was my friend all the way though the long Labor Day holiday. After last night, Tuesday, I can officially say that I am caught up to the current season, season three. But wouldn't you know that only AFTER I become engrossed in a new show, the damn season finale is this Sunday!? What?! That is so not fair. Why are the seasons so short? Most shows have a line-up of 20+ shows. Why is this different?

Maybe it's a good thing it only lasts for 12 episodes. Maybe. I don't know if I could take it if it were any longer, and I mean that in a good way! It's so fricking intoxicating! Wait... what the hell am I saying?! I DO want it to be longer. I don't want it to end. WHY?!

OK... so my thoughts on the show...

First of all, I am "Team Bill", not "Team Eric". He's not my type. At all. Edward Cullen, eat your heart out!

I think the show is fresh. Sexy. Gripping. Quirky. Erotic. Scary. Sad. Funny. It's awesome. I was honestly not expecting all the sex scenes, so THAT was a surprise! Not that I minded it one bit! The "man asses" on the show are some of the best "man asses" I've ever, ever seen! Lots and lots of nakedness!

Why the hell did I not start watching this show back in '08?! Oh, I know...

'Cause I'm always late to the damn party! ;)

You know where I'll be this Sunday at 9 p.m... ON MY FAVORITE CHAIR WITH MY EYES GLUED TO A CERTAIN 47" PIECE OF PLASTIC.

I'll be watching with all of y'all!


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