Monday, December 6, 2010

A little catch up?

OK, OK.. I know... long time no post. Sorry! Call me lazy. I have been busy, but not too busy to post. Not sure what my problem is, but anywho.. here I am!

Let's see... what's the latest? Where do I start? ;)

About 3 weeks ago I had to rush my chocolate lab, Murphy to the vet for surgery to fix his left ear. He's highly prone to ear infections and well, after a really, really bad one that caused him to apparently shake his head so vigorously and rub his ear/head (hard) on EVERYTHING, that he actually burst the blood vessels in his ear causing blood to fill up his ear flap (pinna). It got so swollen that it eventually (within 2 days) grew to the size of a golf ball! Crazy, right? Well, after a vet visit and $500+ later, it was fixed. Or so we thought - more on that in a sec... we picked him up from the vet and boy did he look funny! Can't help it, he did!

Before surgery:


Pitiful, right?
He wasn't in any pain, thankfully. But, if we had left the "hematoma" alone, the blood would have eventually absorbed back into his body, but not without leaving him with a wrinkly, dead deformed ear. Couldn't have that! Not my big boy! 

After surgery: 

Supposedly, a "Doggie Hematoma" is fairly common. Who'd a thunk it?! Murphy didn't seemed phased at all that he just had major surgery. They basically had to slice his ear open, drain it, lance it, and sew it back together. Ouch! He did look pretty goofy though! He hated the extra weight of the bandage, BIGTIME!
3 weeks after surgery and wouldn't you know... the dang ear flap is FILLING UP WITH BLOOD...AGAIN! Why me? It's not filling up as quickly as it did originally so I think I'll hold off on "rushing" him to the vet. For now. Why in the world do our furry kids cost so darn much!? WHY? I don't have kids yet, but I swear it seems like they cost MORE! Do you agree?

Well, that's the doggie news...

I had a wonderful, amazing Thanksgiving, thanks to awesome family who came down from Richmond, VA! Thanks you guys! I'm still feeling the extra weight from the awesome food! And I'm STILL laughing from the best rummy night E-V-E-R! You know what I'm talking about! ;) (Rich will never get away with that again!) 

There are some changes in the air... for the better. I hope. I have my trip to NY with my bestie next week to look forward to, and the holidays after that... so much excitement! 

Stay tuned! 

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  1. Great update. I will remember taht rummy night, I think the next time we need to bet Rich up. LOL. Hopefully Murphys ear will heal soon. He is my favorite doggy nephew.