Monday, April 4, 2011

Drama Over Leaked "Breaking Dawn" Images

If you ended up here thinking you would find the leaked images/screen grabs from last week, sorry. They are all but lost in the internet graveyard now after Summit demanded (as they have every right to) they be removed from ALL blogs, websites, forums, etc. I have no idea who leaked them or how they ended up on the web, but what I am sure of is when Summit finds out who did it, they will surely have their a** on the chopping block. If it were me (don't even go there!), I would have just quit right after my web crime... so, Summit, if you're listening, and you haven't fired the idiot already, look for anybody in the Twilight realm that has quit recently... that's your culprit!

With that said... did I see them? Yes, I did. I am human. And, most important, I am a sucker for spoilers....well, not really spoilers because let's face it, there's nothing in this movie that I don't already know, yet I can't seem to stay away from clips, pics, footage, etc. from any movie, Twilight or otherwise. Do I feel guilty for seeing them? Kinda. Do I regret it? Absolutely NOT! Do I feel bad for the actors, staffers, production crew, directorial crew, etc.? You bet. Am I even more excited (as if that were even possible) for the premiere in November? That's a stupid question really, but the answer is without a doubt, YES!

I thought this interview with Rob Pattinson for MTV was pretty awesome. He doesn't hold back how he feels at all about this treachery, nor should he.

I love his snarky side. He has every right to be pissed about it, and he has another point... these images don't show what the finished movie will look like AT ALL. But, again, we're all human and we all saw. And fawned over. And had to do breathing treatments. And had to take a cold shower, or two... but I digress.

The only "OFFICIAL" stills from Breaking Dawn to date are the following two pics, which are dreeeeeamy, if I do say so!

 I found out earlier today that Summit will be releasing the first CLIP of Breaking Dawn at Comic Con this year, as they have done in the past, however, sadly this isn't until July! So, wait we must.

I can't tell you not to "peek" at things people post online, but do yourself, and your conscious a favor... don't re-post, re-blog, re-tweet and so on & so on. See it for yourself and move on.

I shall go back to salivating over nakey Rob now... *Blush*


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