Monday, May 9, 2011

LivingSocial's Water For Elephants Premiere!

You may remember that I posted about my excitement to attend a special advanced screening of 'Water For Elephants' a few weeks ago? If not, READ ABOUT IT HERE! Up to speed?

I know, I know... it was 3 weeks ago. I get it. Sorry! I've been busy! I couldn't completely neglect my post about it though, and thus the reason I'm here right now. :)

I went with some ladies from work and we all had a blast... well, once we got through the long lines! They had the lines separated by your last name.

Once we cleared the line, with our drink tickets in hand... I'll give you one guess where I went first? Yup. You guessed it... the BAR!

Don't I look excited?! LOL!
OK... let me be serious. For once. 

After seeing how crazy the line was, there was no way I'd venture my way through again, so I did the only thing I could think of. I ordered BOTH of allotted two drinks at once. Yes, I'm a lush... with wine anyway. ESPECIALLY when it's free! :)

Two fisting it...because that's how I roll!
The theater was packed. There were people everywhere. People excited to see Rob & Reese onscreen. People who wanted to see Rob play a role that seemed perfect for him. Maybe I'm talking about how I felt? Of course I am! I thought the movie was wonderful! Absolutely beautiful. It should be noted that I have not read the book so I had nothing to compare it to. So, judging it, or I should say, reviewing it as I did was strictly based on how I thought it was a movie. It was brilliant. The chemistry between Reese Witherspoon & Rob Pattinson was electric. Majestic. I honestly didn't really know the storyline beforehand... or the plot. At all. I was what you could call a 'Water For Elephants' virgin. I was taken aback. A couple of times. And yes, I clapped during a very integral scene between August, Marlena, & Jacob... and most importantly, Rosie.

If you have not yet seen Water For Elephants yet, do yourself, and your heart, a favor and see it. Maybe see it twice. It's that good.

We fit in one shot!
Thanks to the ladies from the office in sharing this experience with me. Not that any of you really needed convincing! :) Rob kinda speaks for himself, right? lol!

I had a great time and hope to do it again sometime!


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