Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother 13... Let The Drama BEGIN!

I only became a Big Brother fan last summer (season 12), and I was hooked after the first show. I was SO excited to have it premiere tonight so we could "meet" the new house guests, but boy oh boy, I had no idea of all the twists they'd throw out... right out of the gate! I guess I haven't kept up with all the hoopla leading up to tonight - Apparently, you could vote on which previous "duo" to bring back to compete against the 8 newbie house guests. I had no idea! But, I gotta say, I ♥ who came back. Even though I only really have knowledge of Brendon & Rachel, I have heard of Jordan & Jeff (weren't they on Amazing Race too?). I had NO idea who Evel Dick & Daniele were, but he already creeps me out! I know, I know...Rachel is a bit annoying. OK, maybe a lot. But you gotta love her! And hey, she already won a HOH competition! Take that! ;-)

So, anybody stick out to you? Who's going to be the first to be evicted? I say Lawon. There's just something about him that gives me the hibbigibbies. Just sayin'.


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