Friday, July 1, 2011

Cape Hatteras Here I Come!

We're packed up and ready to go... Where you ask? CAPE HATTERAS NATIONAL SEASHORE, that's where!

 I'm so excited! We're going to camp, in a tent, not an RV, right on the beach... well, kinda on the beach. It'll be behind the dunes, but you can see (and smell!) the ocean from where we'll be pitching our tent! I kinda feel like this is by camping redemption, ya know... from the anxiety I had from my last camping trip in the NC mountains last fall. Remember that? Here's a refresher HERE & HERE & HERE & lastly, HERE. I don't think I'll have any bear or coyote encounters here! LOL! Yes, I'm a worry wort. I can't help it. I will be a little uneasy during our planned kayaking trip in the Pamlico Sound though. Why? Well, there could be sharks in there! And, I know there just waiting for me! ;) Nah, I'm kidding... well, kinda. I'll be fine. Right?

We're going to fish, climb the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, frolic on the beach, drink lots & lots of beer, and bake in the sun for 3 straight days! Ahhh! Sounds nice, right?

I hope I find a TON of seashells...

I hope to see a gorgeous sunset like this one overlooking the Pamlico Sound...

I just want to R-E-L-A-X and enjoy what the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina has to offer. I can't wait!

Cape Hatteras here we come!

Pics when we return! Stay tuned!


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