Monday, August 8, 2011

Who Is Rebecca Black?

Well, I asked myself that same question a couple times over the past couple weeks... once after seeing someone being mentioned as 'Rebecca Black' in Katy Perry's music video "Last Friday Night" & most recently when she was named "Choice Web Star" for the recent Teen Choice Awards (yes, I watch the TCA's!). I scratched my head trying to figure out who the heck this chick was and it bothered me that I had no idea, especially since I normally try to keep up with "pop culture". But then again, pop culture changes so dang quickly these days and is so flippin' finicky who the heck can keep up! lol! But I digress... I had to look this chick up. OH MY. She's the girl who sang that song "Friday" and released a video (back in March of this year) on YouTube that went viral overnight. It was all starting to make sense. I guess. I had heard about her and this video but never took a look-see (or listen) for myself... until about 5 minutes ago. No offense to her, or her attempt at trying to make something of her career, but I think I lost a few brain cells. I mean... really!? Is that all it takes to make it in the music business these days? Wow. I am perplexed and stupefied. She's a cute girl, but THIS song is so (fill in the blank).

In case you, like me, don't really know who Rebecca Black is, check out her now infamous video:

I guess Katy Perry has taking a liking to her, because she featured her in her most recent video (which I ♥ BTW).

Again, and I'm not trying to be cruel, but it just saddens me that there are artists who don't get all the glitz & glamour who are in fact truly talented & are insanely gifted singer/songwriters. Not really fair.

But, Rebecca Black... I commend you. I raise my glass to the auto-tune movement. NOT.

Rant over. Kthxbye.  


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