Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Help

Today was a day home alone for me. The hubs was on a 24 hr shift and I had nothing to do. Well, I had nothing I wanted to do anyway. So, I went to see 'The Help'. I had heard it was a really great movie, and I adore Emma Stone, so it was a win-win. I don't really read too many books, well, besides Twilight (wink) & Nickolas Sparks, but I knew this was based on a book and that it was a compelling story. It was based on the period of time I wish never existed, when African-Americans were shut out of society and made to feel like they weren't just like the rest of us. They were mistreated and ridiculed beyond comprehension.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. All of it. I loved what it told. I loved how it told it. I loved the characters. I loved the actors and how they portrayed these characters. I think I'll now read Kathryn Stockett's, "The Help".


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