Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn - My Review!

I feel like I waited forever for this movie, along with all the other Twihards. There was a LOT of hype. Crazy amounts of hype. Was it worth it? Did it live up to the hype? In my most honest opinion, 110% Y-E-S!

Breaking Dawn was my favorite book in the series, by a huge margin, so I knew that this would more than likely be my favorite of the 3 movies so far. I was NOT disappointed. At all. I loved it. Sure, there were parts that, to me, were a little drawn out, and other scenes that I thought were slightly on the cheesy side. Not a huge deal, but nonetheless I think some scenes could have been done a little different to avoid the cheese factor, i.e. the wolf telepathy scene.  I delayed this post in an effort to ensure no spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it yet. Are there any of you who have not seen it yet? What the heck are you waiting for?! GO!

I knew this movie installment in particular, directed by the amazing Bill Condon, would be more crisp, slightly deeper, and for sure more involved with the actors. I'm not overly in awe of Kristen Stewart as an actress, however, I think she brought SO much more to her role in this installment over the first three. SO much more. Maybe it was due to her aging, I mean honestly... she was only 17 when Twilight came out! There was more adult material in this installment for her to work with, plus she's had the chance to grow into her role of "Bella". It doesn't hurt that she's dating "Edward" in her real life which makes the ooh-la-la scenes all the more real. To us and to her!

Speaking of the ooh-la-la scenes. Let's just say they don't suck. Not one single bit. Sure, they had to be simmered down to achieve a PG-13 rating, but it was very tasteful, perfectly sensual, and left you wanting more. (HELLO DVD!) I though the entire honeymoon was breathtaking.

If you've read the series, mainly Breaking Dawn, you know the birth scene, well shoot... the entire pregnancy for that matter, is.... well, gruesome and graphic. By the time they realize what Bella, mainly her baby, needs, she's already withered away to skin & bones. It's pretty insane. The birth scene was pretty spot on, from what I remember from the book anyway. It has been awhile since I read it. But, I felt it was rightfully shown, for a PG-13 anyway. I know they had to cut scenes and scale back some of the overall gore so I really, really, really hope it's in the DVD special features. I'll me pretty dang mad if not.

Overall, I loved Breaking Dawn. I even fell for Jacob a little bit, but hey... let's get real. I'm STILL Team Edward! ;)

I've only seen it once, so far. I know some have seen it more than 5x already. I plan to see it again on "Black Friday" after a long day of shopping.

How about you? Have you already seen it? Will you see it again? what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

I can NOT believe we have to wait another YEAR for Part 2!


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