Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saving w/Coupons!

It should be known by now that I love a good deal. I love sale items and clearance racks. I loathe retail price and will never buy anything that isn't marked down, like alot. So, couponing comes natural to me. I'm not an "Extreme Couponer", but I do my best to plan out my available coupons to use them in connection with store sales and their individual e-coupons. I literally get child-like giddy when my favorite grocer does "SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS". This is where they double the value of manufacture coupons to to $1.98 in value. This is when I go crazy and stock up on general cleaning supplies, cat food, you know... the typical stuff that has coupons over $1. Well, I missed the last super double frenzy and had to settle for the regular deals, which in this post's particular case, wasn't all that bad.

I honestly didn't plan ahead as much as I normally do, so I was actually pretty shocked at my savings in the end.

I bought alot of the general stuff, nothing too specific. However, I didn't realize until I got there that I had quite a bit of e-coupons available on my VIC card, which is the name of the store card from my favorite grocer, Harris Teeter. (They are awesome!) After realizing the deals that I had, which were about to expire, coupled with the stores own "sale" prices, and then MY coupons, I made out pretty dang awesome, If I do say so myself. This isn't the best I've done, but it's not bad either, and it's the first example I actually have pictures of! The clerk at the register thought I was crazy, in a fun way, of course. ;-)

Here's the total straight up. No VIC card, e-coupons, or paper coupons... yet.

$166.76 (no way am I spending that!)
Now, after my my VIC card savings & e-coupons...

Cut almost in HALF! $99.20
Now, for the final total - after all my paper coupons...

$80 in SAVINGS!
Pretty cool, right? And, you wanna know the best part? I didn't even plan this. Imagine if I had? I absolutely ♥ couponing. I really do. It gives me a certain bit of satisfaction. You know stores will ask you first if you have their savings card? Well, just for fun, more for myself than anyone else, I'll actually hold off on giving them my card until the very end. This is just so I can see for myself the clear cut savings I had, rather than waiting until looking at the receipt. I have to admit though, this isn't for the faint of heart. The total at the end, like my example above, shocks me every time. Why? Because I would NEVER pay that!

Do you coupon? Look at your grocers e-coupons? It's worth trying out! It's your money - don't just give it away!

Did you know that, of the over $70 billion of coupon savings offered by manufacturers each year, only $4.5 billion are redeemed by consumers. That's barely 6%! That's insane!


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