Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Officially The Holiday Season!

It's December 1st!! You know what that means? It's officially the Christmas season! Yippeeee! I don't start getting excited about Christmas until we are at least in the same month as Christmas, unlike some I know that start decorating even before Thanksgiving! Gotta love their spirit though! ;-)

So, since it's the holiday season, my blog has to reflect that, right? Right! I moseyed on over to the consistently reliable 'Cutest Blog On The Block' Blog, and of course they had a holiday inspired background to suit me! It wasn't even a question! LOVE this site!

You probably already noticed my new background, right? Here's the image linked over to CBOTB:

"All That Glitters"
They have a TON of awesome holiday backgrounds! Check them out! 

Now that my blog has been transformed for the holidays, I am now completely in the Christmas spirit!


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