Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So Many DIY Projects Coming Up!

First off, I am feeling SOOO much better! Thanks to daily meds, vitamins, and finally antibiotics! I still can't breathe 100%, but I'm getting better & better each day. Phew!!! Just in time for the holidays, which means...

My upcoming 12 days off will be filled with healthy, energetic time to do (hopefully) all the DIY projects I want to do! Thanks to Pinterest, fellow bloggers, and some of my own thoughts & ideas, I have a LOT of things I want to do. I am hosting my husbands parents for Christmas dinner, but besides that, each & every day of my 12 days off will be gleefully filled with shopping, thrifting & scouring the area for items needed for "my list" of projects. I'm excited, yet nervous! My list is HUGE!

Here's my list: 
  • Design & install a king size headboard in Master Bedroom 
  • Paint medicine cabinet in Master Bath 
  • Paint cabinets in both bathrooms 
  • Paint curio cabinet in kitchen
  • Paint cubby organizer next to my desk
  • Design & install custom magnet board (out of cookie sheets!) 
  • Paint wall in Living Room
  • Enlarge photos from past camping trips & mount with canvas or in another cute crafty way
  • Paint wall in Master Bedroom
  • Paint all white trim 
  • Recover fabric on accent chair in Master Bedroom
  • Make a mason jar/pen & pencil cup holder for the wall above my desk
  • Install mason jars under cabinets above sink (with peppercorns, sea salts, Italian seasoning, etc.)
  • Design & install a custom car key holder & mail sorter near mud room
Pretty daunting, right? Not for me! I'm stoked to at least attempt most of it. I can't wait to get started. I will take before & after pictures of each project to share with everyone.

I also hope to get my hands on an oldie but goodie vanity table w/chair for my bedroom. I need a better place to sit down & do my makeup and, maybe even have a better spot to start styling my hair that's growing like a weed! Wish me luck!

I'm also on the look out for a new couch, preferably a cool microfiber sectional. I need a living room face lift!

Let's hope my list doesn't get any bigger, or my wallet will get ALOT smaller! ;-)


  1. Good luck and hope you can accomplish everything on your list. I am trying to organize all Gage's pictures so I can make a photo album for him since I have procrastinated 7 years on his baby photo album. I am also going to try to convert an old cutting board into a key holder something for our keys.


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