Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still Sick, But The Holidays Beckon...

I'm still sick. I think I've sneezed & coughed over 300 times in the past 15 minutes. Seriously. Nothing is helping! Argh! So not a good time to be sick! I'm drinking LOTS of fluids, trust me. The constant trips to the potty proves that! I'm taking meds to help me sleep and non-drowsy goodies to keep me aware during the day. Oh, what to do...

This too shall pass, let's hope!

Tomorrow is my last big event (work wise anyway) and then I can relax a bit. Next week is a short week (only 3 days) and then I'm OFF for 12 straight days. I. Can't. Wait!

After my office's holiday party tomorrow the hubs and I, and the furry kids, are heading to VA to visit family and attend what's sure to be a fabulous holiday party. Looking forward to it! Let's just hope I don't have to wear a mask to keep my germs to myself. That wouldn't look all that great with what I'm planning to wear. ;-)

I may be a little awol over the next few days as I prepare for my mini-sabbatical, but I'll be back after Christmas for sure. Knowing me, I'll more than likely post some cute pics on Christmas Day, but who knows.

Try not to miss me, or do! That'd be cool too! :-)

Here's a most recent photo of me at my office's department holiday party last week. It was a blast!

Happy Holidays everyone!



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