Friday, January 13, 2012

I ♥ Redecorating!

I really do believe I redecorate every other month, at least! It's fun, don't get me wrong, but MAN is it some work! Especially if you tackle redecorating almost the entire house BY YOURSELF! Yup. I didn't want to wait until hubby came home. I'm very impatient.

I wanted to shift items around that I already had to make better sense of things. With my recent fixation on crafty things, I needed a space to work on my projects. The only space I really had was my formal dining room. Being that it had no actual dining room table, thus we weren't using it, voila... it became my craft space. But then a new dilemma. My desk/office at the time was stuck in the corner of our living room, which wasn't that close to the formal dining room. So, what's a girl to do? I brought my office to the dining room! I do have a really nice antique china/curio cabinet in the dining room, but it's not really in my way. In fact, I think I'll take the china out and use the inside for displaying my Etsy shop items! This way they're out of the way, safe & secure, and will be away from dust & doggie/kitty hair. A WIN!

What really bums me out about this shifteroo is that I literally JUST finished my mason jar pen/pencil holders, custom cork boards & magnet board projects above my desk. Ugh! Oh well, I will re-install them over my desk in my NEW, fabulous location!

I also used a little bit of brute strength, and a sheet against a wooden floor, to move a 2 door storage cabinet from our spare room (a family heirloom that we weren't really using) into the dining room my new office for storing all my jewelry making items, crafty tools, etc. It's fantastic!

I have just enough space left on one wall for my "prop" area for all my Etsy shop photos. I plan on buying some bright white craft paper soon and draping it along a wall, and then making a homemade light-box for more natural style photos. Another craft project! Yikes!

I love my new space! It will get cuter soon for sure, but for now I'm digging it alot! It's nice having all my stuff in one organized space. Yay!

Who knew redecorating could be so much fun? Oh, wait.. I DID! I think that's why I do it so often!

I'll post photos of my new office/craft studio soon, but for now check out how awesome & clean my living room looks now that my desk has been decluttered from the corner. ♥♥♥!

View from front foyer
I spy Nugget! The red couch & chair will be replaced soon as we're in the market for something more comfy, more mountain lodge like - like our living room! See that fireplace/stone on the left? That stone takes up an entire wall! It's pretty cool. So, overlook the retro look, for now. My desk/office used to be in the upper right hand corner, where the DVDs are in this pic. SO much more space! Notice the awesome coffee table? That's my thrifty Goodwill find I bought not too long ago - For $30!!

This shows my "Outdoor Adventures" wall collage that I made over my 12 day holiday vacation. Moving some furniture out really showcases this wall more! p.s. I do plan on adding more (smaller) pics to the wall soon, now that I have an awesome HP Photosmart printer that prints AWESOME pics at lighting speed! Notice that horseshoe shaped pillow? Curious what it is? It's actually a neck pillow I bought in a airport when I traveled to NYC a couple of years ago. I use that thing all the time! It's so comfortable. Trust me, when you fall asleep on the recliner or lounge chair the last thing you want is a crick in your neck. With this goofy looking thing, no neck cricks. It's kinda my security blankie. Don't judge me.

Wonder what I'll redecorate next?


Do you redecorate often? Tell me about it!

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